Meet Karen

HOMETOWN: Santa Rosa, CA

PEOPLE DESCRIBE ME AS: Caring, responsible, attentive.

MY FAMILY CONSISTS OF: Currently I live with my grandma, Ventura, who just moved in with us, my mom, Teresa, my brothers Angel and Jose. My sister, Raquel, is currently living in Kentucky.


A PERSON WHO INSPIRES YOU:   My mom, because of all the obstacles and challenges she’s faced to get to the point in her life she is in right now. She strives for perseverance not just in herself, but in her children. She is a kind-hearted woman who touches everyone she comes in contact with.

I’M HAPPIEST WHEN: I am making memories and laughing with friends and family. At times like these, I am able to let go of everything that is problematic and and instead feel and see joy and true happiness in myself, the world, and in the eyes of others.

MY DREAM JOB: To become an agriculture lobbyist or an advocate for the agriculture industry. I want more people to see the reality of living life on the farm and how certain actions taken by the government or consumers affect this amazing industry.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR: All the guidance I’ve received throughout my journey to get where I am today and where I want to be in the long run. From advice, to emotional support, school resources and financial assistance opportunities, I am lucky to have such amazing people backing me up in pursuing my dreams every step of the way.

MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT SO FAR: Getting accepted to Fresno State and Cal Poly, St. Luis Obispo for Fall 2020 and getting an internship with the Sonoma County Farm Bureau!

I HOPE THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP ME: Cherish the smaller things in life and help me realize that, though sometimes things are out of your control, by focusing on yourself everything will work out eventually.

SOMEDAY I WILL:  Be able to give back and help young women in the agriculture industry just as I was guided and supported.