Meet Amanda

Amanda Rocha

HOMETOWN: Petaluma, CA

PEOPLE DESCRIBE ME AS: Determined, hardworking, motivated.

MY FAMILY CONSISTS OF: My mom and my dad, my older brother, my older sister, and my twin sister.


A PERSON WHO INSPIRES YOU: My Dad. He inspires me because he is always able to find an answer to a problem. Whenever something happens, he’s always able to fix it, or he figures out what the source of the problem is. He has taught me so much growing up and I know I wouldn’t be anywhere without his support. I hope that I can continue to make him proud of me!

I’M HAPPIEST WHEN: I am surrounded by friends and family laughing and having fun. Or when I’m at the beach!

MY DREAM JOB: I want to one day be the Vice President of Sales for a winery.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR: Every person who has come into my life and influenced who I am today.

I HOPE THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP ME: Have someone speak on my behalf: I am looking forward to gaining connections with people.