Meet Alejandra

HOMETOWN: Santa Rosa, CA

PEOPLE DESCRIBE ME AS: Dedicated, diligent, reliable.

MY FAMILY CONSISTS OF: My parents Maria and Alfredo and my six older siblings (oldest to youngest): Jesus, Claudia, Alfredo, Carlos, Laura and Adriana.

A PERSON WHO INSPIRES YOU:  My Aunty.  She is not related to me by blood but has been in my life since I was two years old. She inspires me to always be proud of myself and go after what I want to do in life. I don’t know what I would do without her.

MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT SO FAR: Never giving up, even though sometimes I feel like quitting. Instead I learn more and always push forward, and I don’t let people drag me down.

I’M HAPPIEST WHEN: I accomplish goals that I set for myself.

MY DREAM JOB: To have a livestock business, and maybe someday teach in that field.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR:  All of the opportunities given through FFA when I was in high school and the support my advisors now give me.

I HOPE THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP ME: Continue meeting new people from the community.

SOMEDAY I WILL: Give back to my community in the way the community has helped me—by providing internship opportunities, scholarships, and advice.